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From Portugal

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Hello all , Im Antonio from Portugal , I own a C5 2.0 hdi 163 and i still love like the first day i bought it . :)
Im new in this forum so please correct me if i am jumping anything i should do first .
I know because i have searched before that there is here in the forum a post about Auto dimming mirrors ( the side ones ) , i really tried to understand the scheme but i really dont .
The original rear mirror started to have some kind of black points and in a couple of monthes started spreading all over the mirror so i decided to buy a used one on eBay . The "new" mirror have exactly the same codes and the same brand : MAGMA 026053 and 015904 , and works perfectly like the other but i noticed since i changed that the side mirrors arent dimming anymore . I have tried everything , all functions that could make them work and nothing . Also checked all fuses and everything is normal .
Do i need to reprogram , if it makes sense , the new mirror ?
I see 5 wires coming out from the mirror - Yellow and Brown together and Black , Grey and White also together ...
I remember when i changed the mirror , i simply connected like the other was . I did not see any extra wires from the car to connect .
Can someone please help ?
Thank you