Citroen C4 hatch 2006 1.6 hdi brakes disc sizes

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Citroen C4 hatch 2006 1.6 hdi brakes disc sizes

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Hello! Citroen C4 y2006 1.6 hdi 80kw manual (can provide VIN if needed)

Can't seem to find information, because I find it hard to navigate the forum

I need information about rear disc brake dimensions and what type of brake pads.

I was searching the web to buy rear brake discs and I encountered two different types of rear brake sizes... the overall diameter and disc width is the same, but the axle neck thickness is different and so is overall height is different (discs part numbers for reference - A.B.S. 17631C and A.B.S. 17893C)

So I want to know which disc is the correct for my vehicle. Another detail, I was replacing rear brake calipers and accidently put TRW braking system rear calipers, but as far as I know my car has Bosch braking system.. Don't know if that makes any difference. Car seems to be braking just fine.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Thank you!