DIY C5 Height Setting tools

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DIY C5 Height Setting tools

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As I don't have a ramp I put my thinking head on when is came to measuring the front, the rear is not such a problem.
Put the car on my ramps, cleaned the measuring areas and double sided a 30mm x 40mm x 5mm plywood to both area. (Thicker Ply may be be better, 10mm?).
Then got an old tape measure and screwed this to a small piece of 20mm MDF, cut the tape so it clears the sub frame.
You can then reach in from in front of the wheel and see the lower edge of the plywood and where it lines up to the tape.
The back I just used another length from the same tape measure.
To get the center of the wheel, I measured to the top of the center hub and removed half the center hubs diameter (diameter is 60mm)
Height tools.jpg
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Re: DIY C5 Height Setting tools

Post by Stickyfinger »

Nice one Stu
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