Cam-cover gasket sealant?

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Cam-cover gasket sealant?

Post by NickCUK »

Is it advisable to put some sealer between the cam-housing and cam-cover gasket, perhaps Fel-pro Blue, Wellseal or similar?

Have just removed the rear cam-cover on my TU5JP4 engine as suspect slight oil leak from that gasket. Rubber seems a bit hard but maybe they are like that from new, nothing to compare it against.
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Re: Cam-cover gasket sealant?

Post by Huskyxantia »

Id think it would be ok, ive used the stuff on many over the years , i used to let it semi harden then pop it back on and bolt it up , job done.
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Re: Cam-cover gasket sealant?

Post by ozvtr »

I wouldn't 'add' sealant, the gaskets are good enough. The TU5 cam housing to cover surfaces are flat and will form a satisfactory seal. Adding sealant doesn't make it seal any better or longer.
I would only add sealant where the gasket needs to conform to a sharp 'V' edge or there are 2 castings mating on the gasket surface. There are none of them in the cam cover area.