Central locking

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Central locking

Post by Duncan777 »

I have a 2008 Citroen C2, 1.4L and recently changed the battery in the key fob. Now the central locking is not working. I have tried putting the key in the ignition, turning the key whilst hitting the open button on the fob, but no joy.

Any thoughts on what to try next?

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Re: Central locking

Post by ozvtr »

Ascertain whether the problem is in the car or the fob.
Sit in the car, close the doors and press the door lock button on the dash. If the doors lock and unlock the problem is in the fob. If they don't, is it lock or unlock that doesn't work? If it doesn't work at all, check the fuse.
If the problem appears to be the fob, sit in the car and lock the doors using the dash button then try to unlock using the fob. Then try locking using the fob and unlock using the dash button (I'm guessing this is the bit that didn't work?). If lock or unlock fail, it's probably a button in the fob. If the fob doesn't work at all, check the battery (saying the battery is good is not proof that it's good).
It's possible the fob has de-synchronized. But it seems like you have attempted to re-synchronize it. Did you follow the instructions in you owners manual?

WARNING: DO NOT "double click" any of the buttons. Depending on what (if anything) has failed you may lock yourself in or out of the car!! Wind down the windows and ensure the key works to unlock the drivers door before fault finding!!!

Classic failure modes are; broken button(s) in the fob or a bad relay in the BSI (glove box fuse box). Seems to be a very rare case that the fobs de-sync.