2008 C5 suspension

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2008 C5 suspension

Post by pugham09 »

Hi guys I need to place the offside front suspension as its leaking. I've watched a few views on YouTube and it doesn't seem that hard however I know you have to drop the suspension to lowest setting and then remove the sphere. On refitting do I just bolt the sphere back on and its all good to go? Do I have to pressure the system or just top up, it's not really that clear on the videos. I'm quite handy with the spanners but this the first time I've owned anything with hydro suspension. Is there anything I need to be mindfully of? I would appreciate any help to help me get her through her upcoming MOT. Many thanks
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Re: 2008 C5 suspension

Post by GiveMeABreak »

I'm not sure what you are referring to exactly.

Suspension leaks tend to come from the strut, not the sphere. So are you absolutely sure it is the sphere?
Second no, you cannot just lower the suspension and replace either the strut or the sphere. The front or rear axles (depending on if you are working on the rear or front suspension components) must be depressurised either with a professional diagnostic tool like Diagbox, or must be depressurised manually using the valves at the front or rear.

These are under extremely high pressure.

You will also lose LDS fluid so must have a supply of that handy. And of course it goes without saying, NEVER get under a hydraulic Citroen without additional equipment like an axle stand as a minimum supporting the vehicle as they can collapse without warning and crush you.

But before you do anything you really do need to be sure where the leak is coming from.

Suspects Areas: Steering rack from the pinion area or power steering pipes on the rack, struts, LDS tank rupture for example.
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