NEMO: Vibration on acceleration. (SOLVED)

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NEMO: Vibration on acceleration. (SOLVED)

Post by Tilly »

Just wanted to put up a note around a fault I've had and resolved, just incase anyone else has this issue.

For the last month I've had a vibration thats been getting worse by the week, when applying power.... I first thought it was the clutch, as I replaced it 10 months ago when I had the gearbox rebuilt. However, the vibration wasnt there all the time, so I suspected the driveshaft. Dropped out the nearside hub assembly yesterday, to replace the wheel bearing, as Ive put that off for too long... and found the CV joint next to the gearbox was sloppy and felt worn. I'd already bought a replacement driveshaft from General Traffic, so I fitted that, the new wheel bearing, and replaced the gearbox oil.

Took the van for a drive and its cured the issue, no vibration on acceleration. Just need to find time to replace the off side wheel bearing now....
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Re: NEMO: Vibration on acceleration. (SOLVED)

Post by Huskyxantia »

I know someone who ignored my advice regarding the same vibration sound, they now walk everywhere .. well done for the fix.
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