DS7 acting weird after update.

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DS7 acting weird after update.

Post by Edwinholt »

I did the update complete conform the manual. But since my DS7 is an E-Tense, my car fell a bit in sleep during the update. Finaly the update was succesfull, but since then my mirrors won't fold in when i lock the car, and the distance sensors are working on the screen, but don't give any sound anymore. I have also a problem with the drivers windshield which won't go up at once. With a bit help the windscreen goes up, and is always wet then.. (?) I don't think this has to do with the update, but the bad weater here in the Netherlands.
I already updated again with my DS7 in "Sport mode", so the engine keeps turning. This is not conform manual, but advised from several people. To bad this didn't fix my issues.

My DS7 is already been at the garage for this issue, but after a complete day, they had no time to fix this. During my next visit for poriodic maintenance, they will (try) to fix this.

Does anyone have simular problems ? And how can i fix this ?
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Re: DS7 acting weird after update.

Post by RPekka »

I have had similar issues which have repaired themselves by switching the option off and back on again, even without exiting the setup screen. Hope it helps but would be a shame if they didn't know to try this at the dealer's.