To keep C4 1.6HDI (08) or not?

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To keep C4 1.6HDI (08) or not?

Post by fromthesamehill »

I'm running a MK1 C4 1.6HDI, which I feel close to replacing. It's a bit of a banger with a few niggles. Slight play in steering, oil leak, leaking washer tank and now the starter motor has just gone on it.

Annoyingly, I was trying to get it to it's MOT this coming Friday, and decide what to do dependent on the result. The car is pretty banged up, so I'm reluctant to put more than 500 pounds into it. The issue is although I can probably bump start it to the garage, they won't be able to MOT it without the starter motor working, so before it's MOT, I'd have to pay for that presumably.

What's the sort of labour time for a starter motor on a C4 1.6hdi? My partner got the car recovered by a mechanic, so I don't know if I should at least check the fuse hasn't blown first?
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Re: To keep C4 1.6HDI (08) or not?

Post by admiral51 »

Checked prices for Starter by year/model so anywhere between £50-£130, would guess you are looking at 1 hrs labour minimum.

I assume the mechanic would have tried jump starting it to prove it was not a battery issue. If the car is with the mechanic then it maybe worth getting them to do an MOT on it, they could bump it to get it running for emissions/brake test and if the MOT is close to running out it would give you an idea of what £ need to be spent over and above the starter.
As to the post title question that is something only you can answer.
When looking at keeping or selling a car i look at what i call the basics.
1. How much do i have to replace what i have.
2. How much will it take to keep what i have.
3. How much is what i have worth with/without an MOT.
4. If i replace i am going to get something that needs work, they always do, what do i have to cover it.
5. Is it a must replace and get what is out there or can i spend a little and have time to look for the right replacement.
6. How reliable is my current car, may have niggles i can live with, does it normally get me from A-B and back again.

Probably not helpful but just how i look at keeping/replacing.