Peugeot Expert 2.0Hdi P2566

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Peugeot Expert 2.0Hdi P2566

Post by justinzak »

Have a Peugeot expert 2013 automatic with an odd fault. Dcm3.5 br2 ECU 2.0hdi
Initially the vehicle was an intermittent starter, ECU not communicating.
Replaced ECU with one that had exact part number, swapped eeprom and deleted checksum errors on the map file. Vehicle ran fine.
It is an automatic, and id assume the vehicle the ECU came out of was also an automatic if the part number was the same? In any case, diagbox doesn't allow you to change transmission type in the ECU config.

What's happening is the engine is producing more torque than it should under braking, reducing the effect of the brakes quite a bit. Sometimes the idle jumps a bit too. P2566 is the code that shows. When driving, there is about 5-6% difference in turbo actuator position desired/actual.
I'm potentially looking to virginise the ECU and program it with diagbox to ensure the map isn't at fault. But it just seems strange the actuator position would always be deviated by 5%.

Has anyone run into a few of these? Automatic gearbox seems rare on these.

(On a side note - also have P0215. This was on the vehicle before ECU was changed also, separate issue but didn't have any symptoms)

Thank you
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Re: Peugeot Expert 2.0Hdi P2566

Post by ImNoExpert »

Hi, I have a 2015 Expert 2.0hdi with P2566 and P1497. However, these faults are not on the van itself. I found them using Diagbox and EML reader. My reading for Turbo can be similar and often greater and I do feel the turbo dropping off at times. I have been assured it is the Copy sensor on the actuator, but reluctant to swap out the part. (it's also difficult to source separately from the turbo). I believe it could also be an ECU/Wiring problem or Vacuum related. I have swapped all van solenoids on the back of the engine but it's still the same. Mine idle has a rythmic pulsing RRrrRRrrRRrrRRrrRR. Very rarely it won't start 1st time but turn the key off and on again and it goes right away. Mechanic said it's typical with Peugeot and Immobiliser gremlins. I also have masses of white smoke at moring start that goes away for the rest of the day. Assumed Injector issue.

Aslo Low pressure in Rail at Startup.

Maybe our symptoms are similar enough to find a solution. Good Luck.