Citroen Relay Replacement Window Switches not working

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Citroen Relay Replacement Window Switches not working

Post by kier1975 »

Citroen Relay Van 2016 - Luton Van Body.

When it rains, the water runs off the luton body roof and when the door is open, the water falls directly on the window switch area.

Now the drivers side window switch wont control the drivers window down. I opened the switch and there is corrosion on green circuit board.

I have purchased 3x switch's from amazon sellers with good reviews.
They all worked the led lights and the door lock, but none of them would control any window operations.

Every time I reconnect the old switch, it works everything (apart from the drivers down function). The replacements switches never controlled any of the windows.

I recently purchased a complete switch, which also has the electric mirror control. Again everything works apart from the any window control.

Since this, I found an old window switch which I connected. This one had an issue with the drivers up control but everything else works ok.

QUESTION; 2x old switches work the windows (apart from either a single up or down function) (both due to water corrosion). All of the new replacement switches control door lock and switch led lighting, but none of them control passenger or drivers electric windows. I don't understand why the old 2x switches can control windows but all new ones fail. Is there amy other replacement parts that could be replaced like a electric window relay or is anyone aware of a compatibility issue?

Than you.
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Re: Citroen Relay Replacement Window Switches not working

Post by daviemck2006 »

I had problems with my window not working. Replaced the switches, still had problems. I opened up the wiring going through the door pillar into the door and discovered 4 broken wires in there. Sorted them and everything works fine now.
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