Oil from 1.6 HDI, but running

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Oil from 1.6 HDI, but running

Post by jfj3002 »

Hi Everyone,
Can someone help me, why the holes were generated and what the position is called? The position is next to the left injector on a 1.6 HDI, picasso 2006. it seems be a cover. Oil is coming out of the position, when the engine is running. So it is not the camshaft cover where the hole is.

br jakob

br jakob
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Re: Oil from 1.6 HDI, but running

Post by GiveMeABreak »

That picture is far too small (like a thumbnail), and hard to see detail when zoomed. Can you just take the shot normally and get a bit of light onto the area before you snap it so we can see a bit of the detail, which might help.

Also can you explain a little because the title doesn't make a lot of sense (use Google Translate if English is not your native language), which may also help others understand the issue a little better.
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