Citroen Jumpy 2008 electrical problem

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Citroen Jumpy 2008 electrical problem

Post by damsem »

Hello, I have problem that my mechanic cannot solve. Two weeks ago my car had error power steering faliure and antipollution error. Trying to use this car is random because, on one time i start a car and everythink is ok, next time power steering not working, next time car don't start at all. Power steering was not working I went to mechanic and when he tested it it worked, next day it wasn't working. I have long list of errors, in my mechanics opinions those are most important.

U1003 x3 Communication Fault On the Can , General Can Falut and Multiplexing CAN not Communicating Fault
U1205 Speed of Rotation of the steering Wheel.

Rest probably follows from those above, but I'll list them just in case.

P1351 Pre/Post Heating Relay Circuit Relay Controlled And Spark Plugs Not Supplied
U1118 Multiplexing No BSI or Air conditioning Communication
U0121 Multiplexing BSI Information Not Coherent
P0500 Verhicle Speed Signal Incorrect Received
P0461 Low Fueal Level Incorrect Signal
04a1 Front/Rear Courtesy Light Lighting Control Fault
04BD Reah LH Direction Indicator Lighting Fault
04BF Illumination Of the rear LH brake Lamo
04C0 Illumination Of the rear RH Side Lamp
04D9 Boot Opening Control
0047 Fault Absense OF communitation With electric Power Sterring ECU
0062 No communitation With audio ECU
U1305 Sterring Wheel Angle Sensor Missing Communication Fault.
0EE9 The Battery Disconnected No Signal

I have no idea what is going on car when started works normal, unless power steering is no working. Please give me some ideas.
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Re: Citroen Jumpy 2008 electrical problem

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

Hi, and :welc: to the Forum. I cannot personally offer any advise, other than (assuming the van has an HDi engine) saying that P1351 can usually be ignored (it seems that almost every HDi engined vehicle comes up with that fault). However, give it time and people with much more knowledge will be able to help you further.
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Re: Citroen Jumpy 2008 electrical problem

Post by PaulC5 »

If the power steering has an electric pump then I would check the battery voltage since it might be low. First thing on a morning before starting the engine it should be about 12.7 volts if fully charged but below about 12.5 volts and it needs charging. If the voltage is low then it could be causing some of the other suggested faults, apart from the P1351.