AL4 software versions list?

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AL4 software versions list?

Post by asaf400 »

I've been wondering, is there any AL4 software updates catalog or list?

I know of course, it would be diffrent software for different cars, due to different ratios and such..
specfically mine is C5 X7,
it would be interesting to know how old or new our running versions are in general..

I once went to the dealership here in Israel, asking about AL4 updates and or maintanace, and it was a very weird Experience,
They treated me as if I fell from Mars, and the AL4 gearbox is some alien device they never seen. (very unprofessional vibes)

.. finally, when they did understand my request to update to latest available software for my vehicle, they quoted something around 1K GBP, and said that may or may not be the actual price, as if to just brush my off..

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Re: AL4 software versions list?

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Software updates to vehicle ECUs are usually only applied if actually necessary, as this action can have a knock-on effect to other ECUs, so I would leave well alone unless a specific fault or technical bulleting as a result of a specific problem actually recommends an update. Where this is the case, the official dealer does this via Diagbox and access to their servers.

They will of course charge you diagnostic time to do this depending on how long the update takes and in some cases it can take one or two attempts to do - then there is the check afterwards to ensure it has updated and that there are not adverse affects that require further action.
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