Peugeot Partner XUD 1.9 WJY problems during start

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Peugeot Partner XUD 1.9 WJY problems during start

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HI All,

I am new here and looked after all the related topics but not yet found any useful info related to my problem, so you have all my trust! :)

We have a Peugeot Parter 1.9D Van from 2000, but nowadays we are not using it that often anymore. It has a Delphi Pump, and it has been fully refurbished about 5 years ago, for a well visible bucket of money even from short distances. Since than the van ran aout 8-10000 kms.
The original built in filter is converted to an aftermarket filter and a bulb hand pump.

During the last winter it was just running maybe 100kms, and there was still summer diesel in the tank in January, when it stopped. I knew it, that this could be the problem, so we towed it home, and I found it that the had pump happened to be broken. I changed it, and add some petrolium to the tank and changed the filter to a new one. After all I did not managed to prime it ans start it. I had lots of things to do so the nex try was in may, when it started, and I was driving it for 200 kms without any problem, and than it started to stall, than never wanted tos tart again. The next try was in july when I managed to work on it but did not manged to start it. Yesterday I started it again, and it starts without any problem, runs 3-5 seconds fine, and then stalls and slowly stops by itself. Some seconds later if I start it again it starts and stops withon 10 seconds.

What could be the problem? Can you give me some hints, where to start?

Thanks a lot
Gabor :)