Need to be a scientist.

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Need to be a scientist.

Post by Gibbo2286 »

A friend bought herself a very nice Panasonic Lumix camera for a tenner in a charity shop, she's used it for some time and gets great results, she asked me yesterday if I knew how she could get the date of taking the photos on the prints, I fiddled with the camera settings for a while then decided I'd need to have a look at the handbook, which she doesn't have.
Back home got on the net found a manual for it read and read down it, everything from focussing and white balance etc etc finally on page 217 I found three lines of instructions of how to do it. :?
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Re: Need to be a scientist.

Post by mickthemaverick »

First rule of a mad scientist Gibbo - read the book backwards!! :-D
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Re: Need to be a scientist.

Post by myglaren »

I've had an Olympus E-500 for about fifteen years. There are practically infinite options and the handbook is huge. I have a look in it now and them but can never remember the bits I need when I need them.
I wanted to use the remote control recently, for a dreaded 'selfie' for a bus pass. Never used it before and took ages. Attempted to use the self timer but as soon as the shutter release is pressed, it sets the focus, so by the time I got back into position it had focused on the wall behind.
When I whinged about it to my daughter she said "Why didn't you just use your phone".

And then there's the Nikon Coolpix. Baffling!
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