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Vibration when cold - Peugeot Partner

Post by Shaner555 »

Hi al,

I'm new to the forum, so hopefully this goes in the correct topic!

I've got a Peugeot Partner 1.6 ehdi and have recently fitted a new engine mount (top) and ever since, for the first few miles (presumably until things have warmed up) there's a pretty loud "resonance" from 2,000 revs upwards.

It seems to be "thrumming" through the bodywork, so not a vibration as such.

I wondered if it was a bad mount, or the new mount showing up an issue elsewhere, notw that everything was nice and tight again, but the mount seems fine and it's been in the garage and they've said they can't see anything, and that the lower mount seems okay too.

I have noticed some deposits around the injector seals, so one question is, can leaky injector seals cause this specific issue? And would they quieten down once the engine is warm?

I didn't have this issue when the old engineount was on, I couldn't hear or feel anything at those revs, but then again, it was really work and everything was slack as hell.
I don't want to just buy another engine mount if I can help it, as I've thrown enough money at it recently 😂

Any help and advice is much appreciated 👍

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Re: Vibration when cold - Peugeot Partner

Post by Huskyxantia »

Camshaft pulley ok ? Injectors would chuff and smell maybe quieten when hot . Exhaust touching van body ? The gear box mount ? That might be weak now you have one new could put strain on the existing ones
Husky. :?