P061F Throttle actuator

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P061F Throttle actuator

Post by FishHo »

Hi All

First time here but longer time Peugeot owner. So what I have is a 2013 308 1.6 THP Vin: VF3**************[VIN obfuscated, can be read by forum staff] 6 speed auto.

So this car was a bit of a wreck to start and we got it as a bit of a project car. So far, off the top of my head, its had a blown head gasket replaced, new turbo and associated plumbing, new chains and tensioner, VVT solenoid and various other sundry bits replaced over the last 6 months. Its still got a bunged heater core causing odd fan issues and temp swings, and pending codes U1208 (00,1a,d2,08) for the ESP/ABS. So yeah still a bit of work to do.
So now we're back on the road, its got it's NZ WoF (MOT) and were mostly all good but a long run threw a P061F Throttle actuator Controller performance error. Cleared it and it came back inside a minute so its seems like it's a hard code. Has anybody ever stripped down a throttle body ? My suspicion is there's oil and crud all over the connectors. I got the full local install Lexia PSA-DIAG (And Delphi) but I'm not sure if there are actuator tests we could do ? Its winter down here and its chucking it down and its cold !
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Re: P061F Throttle actuator

Post by GiveMeABreak »

There is a technical bulletin when one or more of faults: P0565, P0591, P1161, P3010, P061F are present. Seeing you have one of these, it relates to frost formation in the throttle body and the service action is replacement of the air intake distributor.

However the specific fault code alone is:

Fault Code: P061F
Description of Fault: Motorised throttle motor control: Coherence. The open cycle ratio exceeds the thresholds: 80% in the opening phase of the throttle and - 80% in the closing phase of the throttle, for 0,6 s.

The following conditions have to be met:
- Engine management ECU in main triggering phase
- Battery voltage more than 8 V
- Not in initialisation phase
- Throttle active
Conditions for Fault to clear: The following conditions have to be met:
- Switch the ignition off and then on again
- The open cycle ratio stays within the range (-80% ; 80%)
- Engine running
- Motorised throttle valve programming
Downgrade Modes whilst Fault is active:
  • Natural opening position of the motorised throttle housing
  • Stalling at idle
  • Engine hesitation
  • Cutting out under load
  • Flat spot on acceleration
  • Lack of power
Suspect Areas:
  • Motorised throttle unit
  • Electrical harness
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Re: P061F Throttle actuator

Post by FishHo »

Thank you for that sir. Well I don't really have any of the symptoms, maybe a small flat spot but not so you'd notice. So I jumped in the car this morning, about 8 degrees IIRC , cool but not frosty, I reset the codes and it tripped again so I think the code is 'permanent'. I did find this Russian website which dismantled the throttle body and discovered it full of water !

https://www-drive2-ru.translate.goog/l/ ... r_pto=wapp

"Water, namely oily water, is everywhere in the throttle. What kind of fool thought of placing the throttle at the bottom of the intake tract ?! Condensation constantly accumulates there." I'll pull it out and get one from a breakers.