C4GP - Adblue issues - leading to Tank Replaement

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C4GP - Adblue issues - leading to Tank Replaement

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Newby here. In case anyone interested...

Long story short, following Adblue light coming on and filling tank before countdown expired, had to take the car to garage to get light reset.

Four weeks later, off to southern Spain, where the Adblue light came on again. Checked tank and seemed low! Bought more and topped up, light went out.

Some days later Engine Management Light on, and Adblue light flashing, with additional dashboard warning note that 'Ignition Prevented in 1100kms'!!! As we were right down south, no way to get back home.

Talked to local Citroën dealer (Wednesday), but not able to look at car for three days due to workload.

Went back on the Monday, diagnosed that the Adblue pump has packed up, which of course is an integrated part of Adblue tank! No local supplies, so replacement had to come from main stock in Madrid!!

The replacement tank did not make the overnight lorry, so came next morning. But the local dealer workshop worked very hard and the car was ready for collection on the Wednesday.

Local dealer said that Citroën would pay for 30% of cost of repair due to age of car!! The total bill to me was £800.00 including labour, VAT plus have a European wide one-year warranty.

The drive back was uneventful.

Kind Regards