Adblue Tank Warranty

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Adblue Tank Warranty

Post by Spainicus »

Hello, I have a 9 year old Cactus with 48,000 miles. Serviced yearly by the local garage. The adblue tank has failed - this is clearly a common and known problem - a "hidden defect" under the warranty. It is on forums all over the internet. Why won't Citroen replace it for free? Below is the warranty stating that a "hidden defect" (4th paragraph) is excluded from warranty and therefore should be fixed surely? Is anyone aware of how to legally define a "hidden defect"?

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Spainicus wrote: Dear all,

I am having to pay to replace the adblue tank as the car is 1 year too old and we serviced with a local garage.

On the warranty it states:
"The provisions of the CITROEN contractual warranties do not reduce or exclude the legal guarantee against hidden defects and the legal guarantee of conformity that benefit the consumer."

The adblue tank fault is clearly a "hidden defect" and therefore shouldn't Citroen replace for free?
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Re: Adblue Tank Warranty

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Citroen may offer a 5 year warranty on the Adblue tanks, and had your vehicle been a little younger, you may have managed to get some contribution from Citroen towards the replacement.

People have had various levels of support on this issue and what you get will depend on the age of the vehicle, the mileage, and the service history. But on a 9 year old vehicle they will probably decline on the age basis.

If you have a warranty, then you will have to argue the point over it being a hidden defect.

You issue is simply the age of your car which could be down to 'wear and tear' for a vehicle of this age. Otherwise we would all be claiming every time something went wrong with the car...
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