C3 number plate light removal

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C3 number plate light removal

Post by Deltech »

Can anyone enlighten me as to how to remove the tailgate internal panel so as to access the rear number plate lights on a C3 Picasso.

I watched a video on YouTube that shows the removal of 2 small Tork screws from inside the ""pull downs"" on tailgate internal panel, but it then goes straight to the guy changing the bulbs, and the commentary is foreign.

I've removed said Torx screws but tailgate internal panel won't budge, and I don't want to apply too much force in case I break something.

Any help would be greatly appreicated.
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Re: C3 number plate light removal

Post by GiveMeABreak »

You don't need to go anywhere near that! Put it all back - they come out easily enough from the outside.

Simply put in a flat head screw driver or flat trim removal tool at either end of the number plate light holder where I've highlighted in red arrow and gently squeeze in each side - there are 2 clips at the sides that when squeezed in will allow the light unit to slide out. The you can carefully release the electrical connection:
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