308 SW Trailer light harness

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308 SW Trailer light harness

Post by Kingsponge »

Hi Folks, Back Again For Some Info.

I've got a 308 SW 2012.

I've been towing a trailer for years but with ny previous peugeot you could see my taillights with the trailer on so i was never bothered as long as i had reflectors.

Now I've changed trailer I've been told of by the local law enforcement.

I've hacked into wires over the years soldering wires but this being french electrics i don't want to do that.

I've see "plug & play" wiring harnesses but they need programmed, my local garage won't do it and peugeot are asking £100ss ££££££

Since i was going to get Lexia & Diagbox for some AC diagnostics, is it easy to activate trailer harnesses recognition?


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Re: 308 SW Trailer light harness

Post by Paul-R »

Providing it's the correct type, then yes. I did just that some years ago when I fitted a towbar and electrics to my C5 x7.
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