DS3 Urea Tank Woes

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DS3 Urea Tank Woes

Post by JimboDS3 »

Hi All

Car desperations and frantic google searching has lead me here.....

I have a 2016 Blue HDI DS3 (from new) which over the last few months has started showing an emissions fault message and entered the preventative start countdown. The first time it happened I did some searching and came across the dreaded urea tank failure scenario. I booked the car in, but miraculously it disappeared by itself before reaching 0 miles and the booking date. Praying it had gone away for good I went on with my life as normal.

Just before a long trip up to Cumbria for a Wedding it decided to return :cry: Having no choice I had to drive the vehicle and eat into the 700 odd mile allowance before it would turn off for good.

On my return home I managed to get an emergency appointment at a dealer who did a 'reset' charged me nothing and all errors went away, well at least for a week or so.

It got booked in for diagnostics, which unfortunately returned with the code of P20E9 00 with the service team telling me I needed a new tank and have quoted me ~£1700.....

They did another reset and I have the vehicle back without any lights on but expecting them to return soon.

I'm aware that there is obviously a fault with the car but if I can avoid paying £1700 at least right now that would be most helpful. I did see various posts of people using Diagbox and wondered if that would at least give me some grace to do my own 'resets' and carry on motoring until I can finance this problem. Trouble is I'm not quite sure of the reputable-ness of the software links and cables etc and was after advice on where the 'safest' source (if there is one) would be? I'm quite IT savvy, so faffing through installs using virtual machines to run it should be no problem.

I would be very grateful for thoughts or comments on my predicament :)
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Re: DS3 Urea Tank Woes

Post by Paul-R »

I had a similar need and Wheeler gave me the answer. See here viewtopic.php?t=71935
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