Can abs fault cause multiple systems to fail?

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Can abs fault cause multiple systems to fail?

Post by Ryrc »

Hi, sorry in advance this is going to be a long post.
Recently bought a 2010 Ds3 1.6 petrol, had a fault with the airbag light/pretensioner warning message which was temporarily fixed by replacing the sensor.
Now the abs warning light and esp light have both come and stayed on, tried erasing them from the system using a snap on scan tool which works but the codes come back straight away after ignition is turned on or after driving a few feet, found 1 code to start with C1320 - Front left wheel sensor Open circuit, short circuit to positive, short circuit to earth. Started with replacing the front left wheel sensor to no avail this did not fix the issue, next took a look at the magnetic encoder ring inside the bearing on the front left, could see it was damaged/worn, bought a new bearing and had a mechanic push the old bearing out and new one in, on inspection after leaving the garage i noticed that the c-clip seemed to be sat over the magnetic ring slightly, can the c-clip cause interference with the signal to the wheel sensor?? like an idiot i tried to move the c-clip and accidently jabbed the rubber ring inside the bearing, put it all back together to see if there was any difference (new bearing coming tomorrow to try that again) got about half a mile down the road before i had abs and esp light activate.
Later that evening i was driving it home and the dash lit up like a Christmas tree, esp light, abs, power steering fault, airbag light, speedometer not working, braking fault/STOP light, engine temperature warning.
Left it sit over night and then checked codes in the morning, i now have the following:

Engine management:

Anti-lock brakes:
Codes for all wheel sensors

Electric Power Steering:

Instrument Panel:

OBDll Codes:

If i shut off the ignition for around 5 mins or so and restart most of the time it will kind of reset itself so it's just the abs, esp and engine light on, until i drive further and the power steering etc starts to act up.

Used the scan tool to check the esp ecu supply voltage and it says it's around 12-12.1 volts so i assume that's right. After all that my question is essentially could the abs system be knocking on the other warning light i listed because i only had a couple of them before messing with the bearing and wheel sensor? any help on understanding the codes would be greatly appreciated, again sorry this is probably terribly explained, just don't know where else to look, new bearing and another wheel sensor (bought a cheap one on ebay originally) will be fitted tomorrow hopefully that does something to fix the abs etc issues
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Re: Can abs fault cause multiple systems to fail?

Post by Ryrc »

Applied the new sensor and bearing today, erased all codes. Abs and esp come on after moving, after about 20/25 minutes of driving around all the warning lights seem to come back on again apart from the temperature that seems to have fixed itself, at a loss where to even look for faults as something must be causing a knock on effect on the systems I assume it’s something to do with the abs module but any ideas would be greatly appreciated