2014 5008 refrigerant

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2014 5008 refrigerant

Post by paddypaws77 »

I have a recently acquired 2014 5008 1.6Hdi. I had come to the conclusion that this had R1234YF refrigerant in it. I now have my doubts. I cannot get a low side coupler to fit, designed for R1234YF, and I understand these ARE a different size to R134a fittings. Has the place I got my info for type of refrigerant lead me astray?
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Re: 2014 5008 refrigerant

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Quite possible. I've replied to your PM.

The 5008 could have been fitted with either type of refrigerant, but as I mentioned, the connectors should only accept the fittings for the correct type when it's being recharged or serviced.

Also, I highly suggest you don't add any 'leak sealant' into the system. These things work by seeking out air and literally turns into a ball of gunk. Get that further into the system and you are saving up major problems and expense with blockages in the heating system. This can happen if you have any air in the system - so not recommended.

My advice is to get it leak checked and find out where the leak is. If a pipe - or a condenser that can easily be replaced.