Oil or fuel speckles on back of van?

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Oil or fuel speckles on back of van?

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Trying to figure out what is causing the little speckles of oil or diesel on the back of my 2011 2.0hdi dispatch van. It never seems to use oil so I’m assuming it must be diesel residue that’s causing the spots on the back of van. Anyone shed any light on this please.
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Re: Oil or fuel speckles on back of van?

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I'm guessing you have a replacement exhaust system by now. Check it against the manufacturers original exhaust, particularly the length of the tailpipe protrusion. If the exhaust gasses emerge a bit short they can get sucked into the vortex created in the wake of the van and deposit unburnt particles on the back of the vehicle, just as you describe. You may need to extend the tailpipe slightly. However, a lot of oil in the exhaust may need further investigation.