C8 AL4 snow button wiring

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C8 AL4 snow button wiring

Post by MixerFistit »

I've been doing a few odd little repairs on my 56 plate C8 and wonder if anyone would know the wiring order for the 3 wires to the snow button next to the gear knob.

It's never worked and after popping the cover off, I can see why, all 3 wires are detached from the little board, probably because the cover is prone to popping up (for now) and they've flexed back and forth

This box only has a snow button and also +/- in case that's relevant (no sport or 1,2,3).
I did try looking for a photo of a spare but I realised I don't know what the part is called to search properly!
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Re: C8 AL4 snow button wiring

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Pop the VIN up for me of the C8 so Ic an see what you have.