Timing Chain Tensioner check tool

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Timing Chain Tensioner check tool

Post by Colin2206 »

I got a kit for setting the camshaft timing on the 1.6 vti, 2008, petrol engine. The engine has not been running as it should for some time now, lumy starting and occassional misfire.
I've made a small adjustment to the the camshaft as per the kit, all ok. I've checked the chain tensioner (twice) with the special tool (as illustrate in Haynes) and get an overall measurement on 74, which is way beyond what Haynes says is the max. of 67mm. In fact it is so far beyond that I am doubting myself. The car isn't noisy, is easy to start and has the sort power deliver I expect from this car. I'll recheck tomorrow but does anyone have an opinion on the measurement of 74mm? Is that realsitic or am I making a schoolboy error somewhere?