Wynns diesel injector cleaner full test.

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Wynns diesel injector cleaner full test.

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This is worth a watch i now use this in my picasso it makes a real difference. Its great how this chap goes out of his way to fully show how this stuff works.

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Re: Wynns diesel injector cleaner full test.

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So he concludes he's found around a 6% reduction in the volume of fuel being spilled back from the injectors, and has assumed from that this extra amount of fuel has been successfully injected, and that therefore the injectors have been successfully cleaned.

That's quite a jump in assumptions, and it could indeed be the case, but it wasn't in itself tested (i.e. measured).

One thing he doesn't acknowledge is that the cleaning action would also likely have had an effect on the injection pump, and IF (if) the volume (or pressure) being pumped were for some reason to have changed, then the leakback figure might well change too.

So, I found his measurements and analysis impressively detailed, but his overall assumption about how the system might respond to a clean a bit simplistic.

Now — and I've used this type of cleaner for just over 25 years now (Wynn's, Miller's, Pluri Metal 3CV - all chemically apparently the same) — I do agree that these cleaner-cetane improvers do actually work, producing (with standard grade, leading brand, good-quality fuel) quieter and smoother running, more low-down torque, and cleaner (less smoky) exhaust. This on the basis of two NA XUD9's, the XM's DK5ATE TD, and a RAV4 D4D TD . . . all responded similarly to using the stuff at 1:1000.

So, I agree that these products work. Some others on the market could be questionable; some have been found to contain little more than standard diesel. Contents can be checked by looking up their MSDS sheets; if unobtainable, draw your own conclusions.

It's just his system assumptions that I find somewhat sketchy, in trying to account for a very small change in one aspect of it - spillback.