Citroen c4 heater problems

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Citroen c4 heater problems

Post by Sweep69 »

I recently had a Citroen c4 1.6 VTR, a lad at work bought it off me with the heater all working fine,
The day after heater stopped working altogether,
I’ve checked the blower directly to the battery and that works,the resistor has been checked and again thats working, now been told it needs a new under bonnet fuse box, is that more than likely or could it be something else,forgot to mention the fuses are fine
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Re: Citroen c4 heater problems

Post by ozvtr »

If the blower is not working it could be one of a lot of things. I know that's not helpful but the blower fan draws a lot of current and this can damage the relay in the BSM (engine bay fuse box) the circuit board of the BSM the connectors, the wiring and the speed controller. If someone has tracked the fault down to the BSM then, yes that could be the cause of the fault. As I said the relay or the circuit board inside the BSM could be damaged. I have even seen the fuse holder melted.