407 Hdi wagon towbar wiring BSC A01 00

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407 Hdi wagon towbar wiring BSC A01 00

Post by 407 »

So, got a towbar for the 407 Hdi wagon and fitted it, and then found I could not find the rear brake light BSC to fit the towbar wiring kit.

In the sedan it on the passenger side rear but in the wagon the battery sits there


a) any one got instructions as how to wire the BSC A01 00 kit and

b) where is the rear brake lights BSC in a 407 wagon ?

Pics attached
towbar electrics BSC A01 00.jpg
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Re: 407 Hdi wagon towbar wiring BSC A01 00

Post by GiveMeABreak »

There were several types of BSR unit electrical harnesses, but these only have internal PSA numbers, not the one you have referred to which is probably the manufacturer reference number.

If it helps I have an official installation instructions for one of these kits for the 407 / 407SW, which may not be identical, but may help with the general fitting. I will send the PDF over to you via your email for you.

Email sent.