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After having owned a good range of German, Italian, and British cars I have now taken the next step and entered into French territory. Actually it's more like 25% French.
The car in question is a late Suzuki SJ419TD. Although originally designed and built in Japan I can say that in my 2001 car not much of that is left apart from the body, transmission (partly) and some interior bits. The car runs a Lucas brake system and a 64hp XUD9 1.9TD engine.
I'm here to learn about these engines (and the immobiliser [-o< ) and share as much as I can from what I've learned from past ownerships.

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Re: Hello!

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Welcome to the FCF Michael. If you have a specific question on the XUD it would probably get the most visibility on the Citroen section of the forum and those with the knowledge will have the opportunity to help out.

To while away the time you might find something of interest in the Off-Topic section. My last "Swedish" entries were these

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Regards Neil