DS7 Service

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DS7 Service

Post by MG1959 »


Am I able to use my local garage to service my car, currently done 9,000 and had it for 11 months .

Nearest dealer is a good drive away and I don’t want to pay the stealers prices if I can help it

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Re: DS7 Service

Post by GiveMeABreak »

First thing to consider is warranty - and whether you trust your local garage with this vehicle. A warning here as these are complicated vehicles with a lot of sensitive electronics and you may be taking a risk with an inexperienced garage. If you have any warranty with the vehicle remaining, I would make sure you get it serviced properly and to the manufacturer's standards otherwise any warranty work can be declined.

This could then end up costing more if additional problems are caused by an inexperienced garage.
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Re: DS7 Service

Post by Paul-R »

Can I echo Marc's advice for servicing of your car for the first three years. Even I, a notorious main dealer sceptic, sucked up the price of servicing for both the C5 X7 and the Peugeot 308 until they had passed the three year mark.
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