1.6hdi heat shield between cat/dpf and engine block

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1.6hdi heat shield between cat/dpf and engine block

Post by nikeastwood »

on a 1.6 HDi how is the heat shield attached that sits between the DPF housing and the engine block?

mine has no outer/front shields/around turbo just the rear one between dpf/cat and engine block, when I recently changed my turbo I didnt drop the DPF unit out of the car but I couldnt get the shield far enough away to get at the Banjo Bolt for the turbo oil feed where it comes out the block.

I have a new Cat to fit, so I may as well take the shield out and sort the oil feed little filter thing [remove it] if it hasnt already been taken out that is.

will the shield just come away once the cat/DPF housing is dropped out of the car? I assume its sandwiched in with those two 13mm bolts holding the CAT/DPF, but are there any more?