Citroen Zx engine swap

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Citroen Zx engine swap

Post by Igor2002 »

I have a Citroën zx 1.4 n2 break,it has been in the family since i was a baby and i love the car.
It is in a rough shape but the makeover is comeing.
Im intrested that what cars share the same engine with it.Im thinking something like 1.8litre petrol powered.

My initial idea is a "Big bore kit" with parts sourced from a Citroën Xantia 1.8 or 2.0 petrol,i just dont know if the little 1.4 litre can be bored out to that extence.
(I cant swap an engine for a bigger one legaly in my country :/)
Hope this ain't a stupid question and that i can get somewhere with this project in terms of power.

Greetings everyone!