strut top mounting.. Wrong or correct ?

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strut top mounting.. Wrong or correct ?

Post by Nigel1975 »

Hi everyone my names nigel im from Norfolk I hope your all well.

I've came here hoping someone could help me with a possible problem I have with my 2016 gt line 1.6 diesel.
I recently had a issue with the front left strut top mount making noise, so being a fairly hands on guy decided to change both front shocks and all top mount components also while I was there I changed both suspension arms as the bushes on near side had started to split.
My question is since putting the new stuff on the front left side still feels hard/harsh at times going over certain roads. I've attached a picture of the top of the strut in place on the car but both sides wont seem to center with the holes in the strut housing on the car. Can someone please tell me if this is wrong as I'm sure the old struts were dead center with the holes in the housing, it annoying me now and I need to get this sorted if I can.
Please any help is much appreciated..
Kind regards nigel
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Re: strut top mounting.. Wrong or correct ?

Post by wheeler »

First question were the parts from Euro Car Parts/Car Parts for less?
Cant think of the exact setup on this car but on many PSA cars there are locating 'bungs' on the mounts so the can only (in theory) go in in 2 positions 180 degrees apart from each other. There are sometimes notches in the underside of the strut turret the align with. do you have a pic of the top of the old mounts?