Hello from South West France!

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Sebastian Tombs
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Hello from South West France!

Post by Sebastian Tombs »

Hi. I've just joined as I'm buying a 2012 C5 Tourer Exclusive.

I've always loved Citroëns and as a kid I badgered my dad into test driving a BX 19 GTi which he loved so much he ordered one. Then came a Xantia VSX and a ZX Volcane 1.9. I've never owned one myself somehow, until now.

I needed a big estate again and here in France C5s are plentiful, probably more reliable than Mercedes Benzes (I had a W124 300TE-24 which was a total money pit) and you're not actually allowed to trade as a mechanic unless you've successfully trained in Citroën's Hydropneumatic suspension systems, so they make a lot of sense. Plus they look rather nice, and I love the mad steering wheel.
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Re: Hello from South West France!

Post by Dormouse »

Welcome. Hop in and enjoy the wide range of topics. If you need help or advice, there are lots of people on here able to advise. Enjoy!
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Re: Hello from South West France!

Post by Steve Walsh »

Over the Border in the Dordogne