CV boot grease

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CV boot grease

Post by Estate87 »

Evening all

What's the best way to remove CV boot grease from the inside of an alloy? Will a decent alloy cleaner get rid of the grease?

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Re: CV boot grease

Post by mickthemaverick »

I would use a rag to wipe off surplus grease then a stiff brush and paraffin to remove the remaining stains, then dry the wheel properly before you finish off with a decent alloy wheel cleaner. Good Luck
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Re: CV boot grease

Post by Paul-R »

I would also use a rag to shift any moveable grease but then I would use a water soluble degreasant worked in with a stiff brush and then rinsed off with water. Nothing wrong with Mick's way though.
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Re: CV boot grease

Post by white exec »

Another one for the bio clothes washing liquid in warm water!
Makes a really good, water-based, de-greasant. :idea1: