C4 Grand Picasso 2015 - mirror/internal trim removal

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C4 Grand Picasso 2015 - mirror/internal trim removal

Post by digighost »

Hi all

Long time listener, first time caller here, hoping the experts on here can help.

I have an issue with the external temperature sensor in my 64 plate (Jan 2015) Grand Picasso Exclusive+. In essence, when the mirrors are folded out, I get the double dashes in the display indicating no reading, the heater/air con doesn't know what the hell to do with itself, and I get a warning about the Tyre Pressure Warning System (note, not a warning about tyre pressures, but one about the system that monitors them). If I fold the mirrors in, then all the above problems go away, which suggests to me that there is some sort of issue with the cable running from the temp sensor through the folding mechanism of the mirror.

I'd like to be able to remove the various cover of the mirror and (potentially) the interior trim to that I can take a look at whether it's something I can repair myself, but I simply cannot find a manual that shows me this level of detailed information. Haynes don't have a manual yet (fond memories of Haynes manuals and my first few cars), and online I only seem to be able to find workshop manuals for the previous model of Grand Picasso.

Does anyone know if a workshop manual is purchasable for the recent Grand Picassos? Or have any suggestions on the issues that I'm seeing?

Thanks in advance

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Re: C4 Grand Picasso 2015 - mirror/internal trim removal

Post by GiveMeABreak »

The temp sensor will affect the A/C system, so that's understandable, but it shouldn't have anything to do with the TPMS system as I think this is the indirect system that is fitted and this is handled via the ESP system.

So I think it is very likely you may have another wiring related issue going on here - possibly not where you expect it might be....