Anti Pollution Faulty

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Anti Pollution Faulty

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So i have a citroen c3 for a while now. Anti pollution faulty will come on along side the radiator fan at full blast, which is very annoying in the morning. The fan will go back to usual after 15 mins of driving(the fan will stay on even if the keys are removed untill it decides to stop)The coolant does go down every so oftern but not too alarming. I drive my car a minimum of 300miles a week. Maybe not the best idea consider it is a 10 plate Citroen but nevertheless it drives as it should. It is a 1.4 vti 95bhp petrol engine. I did take it to a garage but it seems to be a general code. The couple vists i have paid to a technician to scan the codes the eml light will disappear #-o im not sure if this helps but when i idle my car it sounds normal however after a few mins there is like a ticking/hissing sound, which i believe might be coolant related. Furthermore, the check oil level comes on whenever i start my car. Thanks for reading this and any help would be appreciated.
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