How to... Retrofit 407 Coupé Front Parking Sensors

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Re: How to... Retrofit 407 Coupé Front Parking Sensors

Post by DHallworth »

I hope this is still being useful to people.

My latest C5 doesn't have front sensors so I'm looking for a C5 being broken with a complete front bumper with sensors to hopefully sort it out. The display for the front sensors on the 407 didn't work properly until you were up close. The green and yellow lines didn't work like the front ones did so I'm going to look for an ECU for the C5 whilst I'm at it.


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Re: How to... Retrofit 407 Coupé Front Parking Sensors

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Bear in mind the 'Detection Packs 1 & 2 on the X7 included the Parking Space Gap Measurement David, so had the additional outer front sensors on the wings. There is a different ECU for this system and it may expect sensor input from those sensors to operate. If it detects these 2 additional sensors missing, then it may throw a wobbly, though I can't be 100% certain if these only come into play when the PSGM is activated from the button bank controls on the left of the dash.