"Gearbox Fault" 308SW 2009 2.0hdi 100 kw automatic

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"Gearbox Fault" 308SW 2009 2.0hdi 100 kw automatic

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Hello everyone,
I have little problem with my Peugeot
"Gearbox fault " "snowflake", "S" "ESP" light , for no reason in drive. I stop and turned off car, and after starting again, everything normal. (I have car 2 years and that's happened 2 times.
Gearbox work fine.
Yesterday I went to check gearbox and change oil, and diagnostic shows
- Engine - P0336 Engine speed signal, signal absent
P0337 - Engine speed signal, no signal and P1351 codes (this is for relay and spark plugs)
- Gearbox P0727-engine speed signal fault, incorrect value received.
I read some topics and find that maybe sensor 1920GJ, must change to solve problems with some code errors.
What you think, how to solve problem?
VIN VF3**************[VIN obfuscated, can be read by forum staff]