P1755 egs6 gearbox problem

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P1755 egs6 gearbox problem

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Hi ... i have gearbox fault message and this error code ... car dose not move

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Re: P1755 egs6 gearbox problem

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This is not potentially going to be an easy fix. It will need some investigation, but the P1755 fault for the Piloted Manual Gearbox states:
Fault Code: P1755Clutch Jammed: Coherence
Description of Fault: Clutch actuator fault: incorrect position in relation to the reference value. This can display with the wheels free and with the engine running. It can occur: In gear changing phase; In clutch opening phase or where there is an absence of error on the clutch electrovalve and on the engine speed signal.
Conditions for Fault to clear:After switching the ignition off and then back on.
Downgrade Modes whilst Fault is active:1) If there is a problem with opening the clutch:
- Automatic mode deactivated
- Change of gear interrupted

2) If there is random closing of the clutch
- Emergency selection of neutral
- Change of gear prohibited as long as neutral is not engaged

3) If there is a problem operating the clutch
- Emergency request for stopping of engine provided engine close to idling speed
- Emergency selection of neutral
- Gear change deactivated

4) If the clutch is jammed open
Opening of the clutch

5) If there is a problem with initialisation of the closed position
No back-up mode

6) If there is a problem with opening the clutch
If the vehicle has the Stop and Start system: Stop and start function deactivated

7) If there is random closing of the clutch during the Stop and Start phase : Restarting in Stop and Start mode impossible.
Warning Lights: "SERVICE" warning lamp; Sport warning lamp; Snow warning lamp; Automatic or 6-speed piloted manual gearbox warning lamps (Orange PRND triangle); Display of a "-" on the fascia panel
  • Lack of power
  • Impossible to make the vehicle move
  • Absence of automatic stopping of the internal combustion engine
  • Problem with automatic restarting of the internal combustion engine
  • Leaks
Suspect Areas:Clutch position sensor; Pressure sensor; Electrovalves; Gearbox ECU; Electropump; Electrical harness; Clutch; Level of oil in the gearbox reservoir; clutch release bearing; Leak on the clutch control; Pump
At least this will give you some idea of where to start. It really needs somebody with some experience of these systems.

If the hydraulic clutch stop has been removed and refitted then you need to ensure you perform the following operations:

Using the diagnostic equipment:
  • Pressurise and bleed the hydraulic circuit
  • The initialisation of the clutch engaging point
  • The initialisation of the gearbox grid
  • Programming of the engine torque value transmitted to the clutch