Tailgate issues

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Tailgate issues

Post by Dunkah »

Hi all, new as a user on the forum but I have ‘window shopped’ here plenty of times in the past looking for info on fixing my xantia.
Just bought myself a c5 tourer 2008, it’s got a couple of small issues I’d like to get sorted so thought I better get on board with the forum and actually start reaching out to people.
I’ll keep the issues separate so as not to over do each thread.

Couple of tailgate issues that look to be common after reading a few threads on the forum, washer pipe and non closing tailgate.

After reading a thread about the washer pipe I think I’m ok to fix it but apparently there’s some trim clips which often break and need replacement when you tackle this job, there were a couple of links to the clips posted on the thread but unfortunately they’re now dead, can anyone point me in the right direction of said clips, or offer up a picture of them so I know what I’m shopping for?

The closing issue looks to be fairly common also and it appears that the most likely cause is the striker needing adjustment, again I should be ok to tackle that but..... looking into the opening at the two torx screws that I need to get to, I cant figure out how to get to them without removing the plastic and metal trim cover that runs across the bottom ledge of the opening, there appears to be no screws holding it so does it just pop off? I don’t want to try forcing it just in case, and if it does just pop, does it pull straight up, or forward or backwards.....?
Many thanks in advance everyone
Great forum by the way, I should have got on board many years ago!