Scenic 1.5 DCI

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Scenic 1.5 DCI

Post by Scenic15 »

Hi All

I have joined the forum in the hope that someone can help

I have a 2014 Scenic 1.5 DCI K9K636 with 36k miles on it. It starts, idles and revs fine then about 2 mins later you hear a 'click' from i think the injector pump, it then starts to chuck out clouds of unburnt diesel and develops a horrendous knocking. We have had it plugged in and it doesn't display any relevant codes, we have had one garage say its the bottom end and needs a replacement engine (5k) another has said they think its the turbo but they need to remove it all to have a look (1k) and a mechanic friend who says it sounds like piston slap.

Now i am not a mechanic (especially with modern engines) but i have rebuilt a few tractor engines etc and the above doesn't make sense to me, if the bottom end had gone you would hear it from the start, if there was piston slap you would hear it from the start, and if the turbo had gone it would be chucking out blue smoke instead of white. None of the garages were 100% confident in there diagnosis.

Can anyone help! we have quite a bit of finance left on the vehicle and also cant afford a to put a new engine in it.

Many thanks


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Re: Scenic 1.5 DCI

Post by petarc1971 »

I don't think it's the lower part of the engine, it's the low mileage. He would pay attention to the injection parameters - air intake, temperature, amount of fuel, nozzle flow correction. The vehicle should not be used until a fault is detected to avoid major damage.