bosch injector pump.

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bosch injector pump.

Post by moomoo »

Hello again,
I'm swapping my engine and box in my camper...
I'm fitting the XUD9 engine and ML5T box...which is the same as the one I have in my Ducato....apparently.
Citro Jim has done an illustrated 'how to' overhaul of the injector pump..
What I'd like to know is do the earlier models (1999) have the immobilisor unit fitted in the pump the same as the 2002 models?
Will I have to swap this electronic unit and put it in the newer pump that I now have for it to work?
I'm assuming my van key will trigger this electronic unit on start up allowing the pump to work?
I don't want to strip everything down needlessly.

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Re: bosch injector pump.

Post by CitroJim »

The immobiliser unit needs to be swapped between pumps in later models it's paired to the engine ECU/CPH/alarm/immobiliser system and this cannot be remapped over to a different pump-end immobiliser module...

You can retain the earlier immobiliser modules that worked in conjunction with a keypad but only if you know the keypad code... If you don't know the keypad code of the donor module then there is no way of retrieving it.

Hope that helps a little...