Lexia Diag and Ds 7 crossback

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Lexia Diag and Ds 7 crossback

Post by KonstantinosG »

Do you know anyone what functions can we upgrade - activate via lexiadiag in ds 7 crossback e-tense hybrid 4*4 grand chic ?

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Re: Lexia Diag and Ds 7 crossback

Post by GiveMeABreak »


Your car can't do anything that it wasn't fitted with. Most options you have fitted at factory like driver aids and functions are can be activated or deactivated from the Connected Nav system.

For example you can't make the tailgate on a DS7 into an electrically opening and closing one unless you have that specific tailgate fitted along with all the wiring and other equipment present. Same goes for Night Vision - you can't just 'activate' it if it does not exist.

You haven't really been clear what you are referring to specifically.