Hello from NI

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Hello from NI

Post by DSB1500 »

Hello forum,

Just picked up a 2017 DS3 BludHDI 120 on Friday. Traded in a much loved Fiat Panda for it. The difference has been unreal! Different beast altogether.

Thought I'd sign up to the forum as I've had good luck and insights in the past on similar forums for cars I've had and hoping to have the same good discussion and advice now as a DS owner.

Other cars I considered were a Mazda 2 and older Focus but none of them (for the budget) had the spec, looks or horsepower of the DS. So... did I make the right choice? :-D
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Re: Hello from NI

Post by Paul-R »

Welcome to the forum.

Well, we're not biased but of course it's the right choice!

You have the same engine as in our 308. A Blud (sic) Hdi.