Berlingo clutch sticking

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Berlingo clutch sticking

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Good day everyone

It is a number of years since I had a Citroen I used to do a lot of work on the GS range of cars I now have a berlingo 1.9D van which has a problem with the clutch as follows

The van will drive nice and smooth with very light gear changes then after a while the clutch pedal will semi stick dow so that you cannot get it out of gear (this mostly happened in 2 and 1 gear if you release the clutch and the press it down it will change gear nice and smooth again Unless you in traffic or at a junction with the BL**dy thing stuck in 1 then you have to switch off release clutch press clutch and off you go.

the van has had a new clutch cable fitted by a garage who managed to let it rub on the driveshaft because they did not fit it in the metal clips I have sprayed silicon on the clutch pedal return spring with the plastic plunger in

Any suggestions


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