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Re: Xantia A/C

Post by KennyW »


I had a very similar problem with my fans on first Xantia. The first thing I found wrong was the relays socket had melted then discovered a broken wire.
Cloggs was a great help. I have a copy of some of the threads. This was prior to 2010. Worth checking this section further back.
I'll try and find the threads.


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Re: Xantia A/C

Post by admiral51 »

Hi Kenny
Yes everything i know is from those old threads which i grouped and linked to earlier in this thread.
I can confirm the relay sockets are clean and now have new 5 pin relays in all sockets.
Been hanging back on further investigating till easter weekend but looks like i am going to be 1 week off 1 week on from Monday 30th so now i have my multi meter time to start probing and i can pull the front of the car apart and not worry about re assembly for a few days